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Garage Centre

The LEGO® City is full of great characters like the mechanic Harl Hubbs, who is more than happy to help you out at his fully kitted out garage

We’ve all been there – stood in the forecourt, mentally preparing ourselves for the damage, both mechanical and financial, only for it to be even worse than you feared. This, however, is a trip for car repairs that won’t have you sharply inhaling through your teeth. Hop behind the wheel of a fun vehicle and visit the garage, tow the sports car into the garage for repair and help Harl Hubbs the mechanic fix the car. And yes, this time he actually has the parts.

You can also add a little extra power to your car, and shine it up at the car wash. This is the perfect set for kids who are just about to start school or are just discovering the joys of LEGO® play.

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