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Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

Take a look at the result of a historic collaboration between LEGO® Technic™ and a racing icon

The Lamborghini Sián is no normal super sports car. It is in fact the first super sports car to be powered by a V12 engine and hybrid technology. Named after its native Bolognese for ‘lightning flash’, it represents a confident, headfirst leap into the future by the Italian giants. The 1:8 scale, 3,696 LEGO Technic model represents 18 months of close collaboration between the LEGO Group and Lamborghini team to perfect every dynamic line, audacious angle and sleek curves. Take a look at just some of the stunning features of the most ambitious LEGO Technic model yet.

First there are the ground-breaking push button-operated scissor doors, a first for LEGO Technic. It’s not just how well the shape of them has been recreated. It’s the way they move so unerringly like the real thing.

Then there are the eye-catching golden rims, which complement the lime green bodywork so perfectly. After painstaking experimentation, drum-lacquering was used to coat the elements to match the elegant glossy finish of the actual rims.

Supercars worth their salt need a good spoiler. All that power and no downforce would otherwise make for a big green 220mph aeroplane, so thankfully the Lamborghini Sián’s rear spoiler is just about as flashy as it gets. Reproducing it in model scale is yet another tick on LEGO Technic’s checklist.

Every angle of the model competes for attention, like the sleek Terzo Millennio-inspired Y-shaped headlights at the front, which perfectly convey that trademark Lambo front-on look.

The Technic design team has also pushed its building system to the limits in order to recreate the active pushrod suspension and V12 engine with moving pistons. The feeling when you see it come to life having built it yourself is immensely rewarding.

The wheels also feature authentic brake discs and callipers replicate the car’s rear differential exactly. But the final flourish that really makes it sing is the intricate eight-speed working sequential gear box, visible on the underside of the model, for the simple reason that if you worked so hard to create such a beautifully detailed component, why not show it off?

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