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McLaren Elva and Lotus Evija

This stunning pair of hyper cars promises a fun yet manageable build, and plenty of racing action

Kids and car enthusiasts now have the chance to put together and explore one of the world’s most exclusive speedsters. The fifth edition of the McLaren Ultimate Series, the Elva will send plenty of petrol heads and hearts aflutter, and the 263-piece model is perfect for staging your very own super-aerodynamic racing action.

The model faithfully recreates the trademark wide chassis, which allows room for the two-seat open cockpit and lots more authentic detailing.

This LEGO® Speed Champions Lotus Evija captures the elegant simplicity and innovative design of Britain’s first all-electric hypercar. The 247-piece model also includes a minifigure driver with a Lotus racing suit, crash helmet and wrench.

And, as with all the Speed Champions models, you can use the LEGO Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets to assist you along the way. The interactive digital guide comes with amazing zoom and rotate tools that allow you to visualise the model from all angles as you build.

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Manufactured under license from McLaren Racing Limited. McLaren is a trademark of McLaren Racing Limited.

Manufactured by LEGO System A/S under licence from Group Lotus Limited.