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Mclaren Senna

The high points of Ayrton Senna’s career are inexorably linked to McLaren, and now you’ve got the chance to build this tribute to an iconic partnership

This year’s flagship model is the culmination of an incredible collaboration between LEGO® Group and McLaren Automotive. It’s fitting that the most ambitious, extreme car McLaren has ever built was named after the incomparable Ayrton Senna, and you may have seen the glitzy video in which the eponymous legend’s nephew Bruno tours you round the extraordinary full-scale LEGO model, built from a staggering 467,854 bricks. It apparently took 30 modelmakers 2,725 hours to assemble, and was comfortably the heaviest McLaren ever. Perhaps even the great man himself might have struggled to actually drive the thing.

At 219 pieces, this scaled-down model is a slightly more manageable building challenge, but no less thrilling. Not only does it come with replaceable wheel rims and Pirelli tyres, so you can practice breakneck-speed pit stops to your heart’s content, but you can also replicate McLaren’s fastidious addiction to performance with the accompanying wind tunnel. You’ll make a mini Ron Dennis of them yet.

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