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Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance and Mercedes-AMG Project One

Recreate iconic moments from the pinnacle of motorsport, and assemble one of the most progressive Mercedes road cars ever made

F1 appears to have unlocked a whole new generation of fans, and given the exhilarating events of 2021, it’s hardly a surprise. And now they can recreate one of the main protagonists of perhaps the most climactic season of modern times with the LEGO® Speed Champions Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance. It comes complete with the sleek black livery, full wet tyres for any unforeseen domestic rainfall and seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton’s trademark number 44.

Its companion, the Project One, is also inspired by F1, transferring the technology from the zenith of motorsport to the streets. And the streets likely won’t forget this 564-piece Speed Champions model, topped off by the effortlessly cool AMG mesh grille.

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“Mercedes-Benz” and three-pointed star in a ring are licensed by Daimler AG. Manufactured under licence from Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited.